What problems do kids with LD/ADHD have in school?

Responses from Grade 8 Identified Students:
March 24, 2004

  • Not able to show what you are good at
  • Paying attention
  • Feeling Different
  • Not enough time to take down notes and do the assignment
  • Not able to sit still
  • Need to do physical activity – running everyday helps to prepare
  • Teachers talk too much
  • Teachers stop making sense
  • Can’t help the way you are and get into trouble
  • Teachers yell at you
  • Feel disappointed
  • Avoid going to school when tests are scheduled
  • Need more time for tests
  • Less questions/do every other question
  • Asking for help/sometimes need to ask friends
  • Not able to show what you know
  • Feeling frustrated and not able to explain it to the teacher
  • Need a quiet place to do a test