Tips for Workplace Success for the Adult Learner

  • Know your learning style and how that style matches up with different jobs.
  • Apply for job positions for which you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform at the level required by the employer.
  • Know your strengths and be able to describe them; present yourself as a capable individual who can competently perform the job.
  • Pursue informational interviews and on-site visits in order to get a feel for different workplace environments and job tasks.
  • Request and review job descriptions before applying for positions.
  • Disclose learning disabilities to the personnel/human resources staff person after the job has been offered; do so in person (never over the phone) after you have accepted the job. Then make arrangements to speak with the job-site supervisor if and when necessary.
  • At the time of disclosure, describe the strategies you have developed that assist you in performing job requirements and state workplace accommodations that can help you.
  • Ask the supervisor for written job performance expectations what you will be required to learn and apply within the job setting.
  • Ask for specific timelines for performance evaluations; be sure you understand when and how your performance will be evaluated.
  • Know when and how to request appropriate accommodations.
  • If accommodations are provided, establish an evaluation process through which you and your supervisor can review the effectiveness of the accommodations and the possibility of adjustments.
  • Do not use your learning disability as an excuse for not doing your best.

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